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Painting, Largesse, and Life: A Conversation with Leah Durner, Jorella Andrews and Leah Durner, 2019. An extensive conversation between scholar Jorella Andrews and artist Leah Durner on Durner's oeuvre from the period 1983-2018 in relation to practices and histories of painting and to Merleau-Ponty and phenomenology. Artist proof.

Painting, Largesse, and Life: A Conversation with Leah Durner is a companion to The Question of Painting: Rethinking Thought with Merleau-Ponty by Jorella Andrews.
The Question of Painting: Rethinking Thought with Merleau-Ponty by Jorella Andrews published by Bloomsbury, London, 29 November 2018.

Jorella Andrews' book, The Question of Painting, provides a closely focused, chronological account of Merleau-Ponty's unfolding philosophical project and its relationship with art, clarifying how painting, as a paradigmatically embodied and situated mode of investigation, helped him to access the fundamentally “intercorporeal” basis of reality as he saw it, and articulate its lived implications.

Leah Durner's painting, Rousseau (2006), is the cover image for The Question of Painting, and there are three full-page illustrations and a discussion of Durner's work in the book.
Broadsheet for Leah Durner presentation "Extravagant Painting: Outpouring and Overflowing" at the 2017 College Art Association Conference in New York for the panel "Immeasurable Extravagance: Proposals for and Economy of Abundance in an Age of Scarcity." Broadsheet unfolds to a 30 in (76.2 cm) high poster.
Brochure for Leah Durner at Fair Folks & a Goat New York September - November 2012
Brochure for exhibition "Leah Durner Paintings 2002 - 2006" at Loretta Howard Gallery New York July 2012
Brochure for exhibition "Leah Durner Naked Color: New Works on Paper" at 571 Projects New York May 2011. Essay entitled "Color/Sensation" by John Yau.
Brochure for exhibition "Leah Durner at Nye Basham Studio" September 2009. Essay entitled "Leah Durner: Painting and the Post-Conceptual Painterly" by Jorella Andrews.
Brochure for exhibition"Leah Durner Paintings" curated by David Cohen at Wooster Arts Space November 2006. Essay by David Cohen.
Poster for exhibition "Leah Durner Works on Paper" Moon Gallery Berry College November 2005
Multipurpose flyer, "On certain of my works on paper," by Leah Durner 2005
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"Industrial Evolution" pp. 72-79 New York Spaces May/June 2013. Article on apartment designed by Carrier & Company in the Printing House New York featuring artwork by Leah Durner.
Bibliography section article
"Style Sophisticates" p 110 Carrier and Company's Style Obsessions Manhattan Modern Luxury March 2013. Artist Leah Durner one of Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller's five style obsessions.
Bibliography section article
"Show Time" by Whitney Robinson Town & Country January 2012 pp. 100 - 105 . Article on Carrier & Company apartment for Town & Country Designer Visions Showhouse featuring Leah Durner paintings throughout.