Leah Durner at the Carrier and Company apartment for The Printing House

The Carrier and Company apartment for The Printing House is the cover story for the May/June 2013 issue of New York Spaces!  Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller are being celebrated all over town for their gorgeous work...they are in the AD Top 100 and the Elle Decor A-List! 

Jesse  and Mara used my silk pillows for West Elm in the apartment and featured my large-scale (5 x 10 feet) work on paper in the living room--this work on paper is part of my Camouflage series from 1989-91 based on German WW2 camouflage patterns...so political content is smuggled into a luxury apartment.

Here is the link to Carrier and Company apartment portfolio: 


and the link to the New York Spaces magazine article:


Leah Durner/Manhattan Modern Luxury Style Obsession

I am delighted that Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller of Carrier and Company listed me as one of their Style Obsessions in the May 2013 issue of Manhattan Modern Luxury magazine!  Jesse and Mara create open beautiful and chic interiors....love them!!

Leah Durner for West Elm

I love working with West Elm!  I designed a line of products for West Elm--three silk pillows and two lacquer trays--they have been a joy!

Leah Durner at Fair Folks

I am delighted to be the featured artist at Fair Folks, the community space/coffee house/art and design gallery opened by Aurora Stokowski and Anthony Mazzei at 96 West Houston Street here in New York.

 The New York Times September 27, 2012 feature on Fair Folks pictures two of my four poured enamels.